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July, 06 2012 - Flo Certified Review
Mira Mira is a wonderful person and hairdresser
Services received:
  • color cut and partial highlight with Mira
  • eyebrow wax with Mira
  • lip wax with Mira
  • eyebrow wax with Mira
July, 04 2012 - Anon
First Visit Melanie is very professional and a good stylist. I was pleased with my cut and look forward to my next visit.
June, 30 2012 - Beth Certified Review
Ellzabeth Elizabeth is excellent. She takes her time and I never feel rushed
Services received:
  • cut color with Elizabeth
June, 29 2012 - Jeanne Certified Review
Finally, a great haircut! I have thick, thick hair which I've worn in a bob for a couple of years...I know it's hard to cut and get it right. I've tried several salons since moving to PA in 2010. All were wonderful people, some got the cut almost right, but Dana got it totally right. He knows his stuff.
Services received:
  • womens cut with Dana
June, 25 2012 - Michelle Certified Review
Evolve Staff Saved Our Cruise Vacation !! I'd like to take a moment to commend the staff at Evolve for helping both my husband and I to better enjoy our recent cruise vacation. My husband Rick and I are both clients of Elizabeth's and we had both scheduled services to be performed shortly before we were to embark on a cruise to the Bahamas. Unfortunately, Elizabeth became ill that week and was unable to see us as scheduled. Shea did all that she could to arrange for other stylists to provide those services to us, assuring that our preparations for our cruise went off without a hitch. Shea, Joy and Maya were all very willing to explore our options for replacing Elizabeth's services by rearranging their schedules and accommodating our needs on such short notice. Both Rick and I were able to have Joy provide the hair services that we needed and we both feel that she did an excellent job. Thanks to Shea, Joy and Maya for their caring, flexibility and teamwork that helped us to embark on our vacation feeling and looking great. And we did have a wonderful time! We hope that Elizabeth is feeling better and we look forward to seeing you all soon ! Many Thanks....Michelle Schaffner
Services received:
  • cut color with Joy
June, 23 2012 - Katie Certified Review
Perfect Color All I can say, whatever you did to my hair, the color has never been better!
Services received:
  • partial hilite cut with Dana
June, 22 2012 - Lisa Hugendubler
Awesome stylists! Elizabeth is my "go to" girl whenever I need anything hair related. Taht being said, I would have NO problems going to anyone on staff if she were not available. Thanks Elizabeth for everything you do!!
June, 16 2012 - Penny Certified Review
New Hairstyle Wanted a new hairstyle and didn't have a picture of what I wanted. I discribed what I wanted done and my stylist, Shelby Dickey, made it happen. Salon was clean and had a friendly atmosphere. I would highly recommend. Received lots of compliments on my new hairstyle - Thanks Shelby!
Services received:
  • womens cut with Shelby
June, 13 2012 - Jennifer Certified Review
2 girls cuts The girls look great, and love that Mira french braided their hair!
Services received:
  • kids cut with Mira
  • kids cut with Mira
June, 13 2012 - Brian Certified Review
Services received:
  • mens cut with Mira